One last try or when to give it up.

Haven’t written much lately. One reason; there is so much blah blah blah everyday with this internet life, what’s the use. I mean really, what’s the use? Information overload has led to a mindless journey to nowhere all the while believing you are getting somewhere.

Character and Thought wanted to bring character to the forefront in our schools and community. We had this grand idea that thru an international exemplar as a real life partner to our team along with our understanding of what it takes to produce real character, we would find a way for it to work. Did it work? Yes, but who is paying for it? It takes money and there just isn’t enough coming in to break even. Let alone, build upon our beginnings with a Character and Thought Academy! A place where philosophy and social science can be appreciated and used to grow the character in young people that could lead to a more just and empathetic society.

So, do we do one more try? Of course we carry on! Anything else would be unacceptable!

So in honor of all of those less fortunate than myself we are recommending to all of you to please purchase As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen through our website. It will be priced around $5 but is a priceless possession or gift!


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